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Bespoke security. For the needs of an ever changing world.

Integral Facilitator

PBX offers a professional Agent and Advisory service to facilitate business on behalf of clients, effectively providing a trusted and intelligent customer capability for our clients. PBX gives you the utmost in specialist consultancy and advice.

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A Little About Us

PBX Advisors is a London based risk advisory company that is able to operate on a global basis, managing integrity, reputation and security risk requirements for Individuals and Organisations. We offer a highly specialist service that is discreet, personable, and versatile.

A Personel Approach

Personal Approach
PBX Advisors is the focal point of contact to Individuals and Businesses for all security requirements. We draw on our elite network of specialist advisors that have experience across both public and private sectors. We are able to assess and evaluate security aspects for personal, physical, technology and process driven environments.

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