Close protection 



Close protection services (bodyguards) are at the core of what PBX Advisors do. We have years of experience protecting all walks of life from Forbes listed billionaires, celebrities, VIPs, Sheikhs and even heads of state.

We understand that different clients have different needs, and our services can be provided globally. Our close protection officers can be discrete, offering protection in the back ground   with little impact or visual presence to the client. On the other end of the spectrum we can also offer a full overt security presence, and we cover everything in between. 


We can tailor make what works for you, the client, using a vast pool of hand picked highly trained specialist coming from the highest prestigious back grounds in their chosen fields (former special forces, specialist police units etc). As well as looking after and protecting some of the worlds elite as a close protection officer(CPO) these men and women are some of the best in the business. We will choose the right close protection officers (CPOs) for you, your family or business.

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We provide the following services, and more:

-Highly qualified male and female private security

-Former special forces 

-CPOs with the necessary skills to facilitate any PA skills 

-Overt and covert security teams 

-Corporate security

-Private security

-Deploy anywhere on the globe at short notice