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Never before has the threat to peoples residences, homes and assets been more relevant than today. With civil unrest no longer bound to just the third world. We see all the major western cities and countries with there own unique problems which is becoming a greater concern of our clients. In major cities the threat of home invasions has become a real concern to a lot of our clients.

At PBX Advisors we are here to advise and reassure you we can make a difference. With highly trained specialist in a range of fields we have the right solutions for you. From comprehensive security assessments, full over hauls of current surveillance and security measures and technology, to fully deployed highly trained Residential security officers giving a 24/7 reassurance to you, your family and your assets.

Our teams are trained so they can blend into your routine with little to no effect on your daily lives. Our residential security officers are at the highest of standard in the industry today.

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We provide the following services, and more:

-24/7 residential security officers

-Comprehensive security assessments

-Full tailor made security overhaul

- Advice and best practice to a safe residence